Wellness Exams for Pets in White Bear Lake: Improving Health & Longevity

cat wellness exam in white bear lake, mn

A healthy, happy pet needs more than a balanced diet and regular exercise. Give your pet the opportunity to live their best life by working with one of our veterinarians to create a long-term wellness plan. We're committed to providing pet wellness exams that allow our patients from White Bear Lake and neighboring areas to enjoy as much time with their families as possible. Furthermore, we can help you prevent your pet from developing infectious diseases and age-related conditions during their lifetime.

Wellness care is a lifetime's worth of dedication to your pet's health and longevity. Whether your pet is young, old or somewhere in between, we can build an effective, long-lasting wellness program to meet all of their needs.

What is Included in Pet Wellness Exams?

Wellness exams are a fundamental aspect of your pet's health care. They should receive a routine physical exam annually so that we can maintain a comprehensive record of their health and detect problems early. A complete nose-to-tail wellness exam includes*:

  • Checking the eyes, ears, mouth, skin and coat, legs/joints, paws
    and tail
  • Weighing in to check for weight gain/loss
  • Temperature and heart rate check
  • Blood and fecal testing to check for parasites
  • Making treatment suggestions based on exam findings
  • Recommending and administering vaccinations
  • A discussion about diet, behavior, training and parasite prevention

*Testing and vaccinations are not included in the price of a wellness exam.

Caring for Your Pet Through Every Life Stage

Each pet's wellness plan is tailored to accommodate their needs, which will naturally change as they grow. Keeping up with your pet's routine appointments allows us to tailor their treatments and anticipate these changes.

Puppy & Kitten Care

To ensure that your pet begins life on a healthy note, they need to see their veterinarian as soon as possible for a complete checkup and fecal parasite screen. During their wellness exam, we can also provide important information regarding house breaking, nutrition, vaccines, spaying/neutering and more.

dog wellness exam in white bear lake, mn

Adult Pet Care

Adult dogs and cats will need a wellness plan that helps them maintain an optimal state of health. This includes keeping your pet on a routine vaccination schedule and monthly flea, tick and heartworm preventatives. Yearly wellness exams are also essential for a full evaluation and early disease detection.

Senior Pet Care

Senior dogs and cats should undergo a full health evaluation at least once a year, which may include blood work and X-rays. If your pet has ongoing, age-related health issues, we will want to monitor them and make treatment suggestions as needed. Enhancing their quality of life is paramount, so pain management and frequent vet visits may play a central role in your senior pet's care.