Managing Your Pet's Pain with Laser Therapy in White Bear Lake

Pet Laser Therapy in White Bear Lake, MN

Does your pet suffer from chronic pain? Do they have a skin condition that won't heal? Our animal hospital in White Bear Lake offers many state-of-the-art services to alleviate pain and improve mobility issues, and laser therapy is one of them.

Pet laser therapy, like acupuncture, mostly relies on the body's ability to heal itself. For years, laser therapy has been used to successfully treat humans and pets alike, and our team is pleased to provide higher quality care for your companion with this technology.

As a well-loved member of your family, your pet deserves to live comfortably. Whether that involves chasing squirrels in the yard or batting around their favorite toy, we want them to be able to do what they do best for as long as possible.

How Pet Laser Therapy Works

Laser therapy is completely safe, non-invasive and painless. A handheld device emits light particles at varying frequencies to interact with your pet's tissues at the cellular level. The cells will then metabolize the light particles, resulting in increased cell production. This boosts cell repair, leading to decreased pain and inflammation, and an increase in blood circulation.

A trained technician will gently massage the laser emitter over areas requiring healing. Therefore, your pet can expect a subtle warming sensation from the laser light, which should make the experience more comfortable. Every patient will receive a specific light "dose" during treatment, depending on their condition. Age, size, breed, color and coat length will also need to be considered for us to calculate the correct light frequency.

Conditions Treated with Laser Therapy

If your pet has an acute or chronic health problem that causes them pain, we can very likely treat it. While we can accommodate many different patients, we cannot use our therapeutic laser for pregnant pets, or pets with cancer.

Conditions we can treat with laser therapy include:

  • Cat and dog arthritis
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Post-op pain control (surgeries, including oral procedures)
  • Skin infections
  • Ear infections (acute/chronic otitis)
  • Gingivitis
  • Inflammation
  • Lick granulomas

Your pet does not need to live in constant pain. Our team at Birch Lake Animal Hospital can offer an effective solution to help them return to a normal, active life. Call us at (651) 426-2246  for more information, and to schedule an appointment.

Veterinarian with a cat after laser therapy treatment