pet diagnostics in white bear lake, mn

In-House Lab for Pet Diagnostics in White Bear Lake Yield Faster Results

At Birch Lake Animal Hospital, we offer various pet diagnostic tests to better understand your pet’s health from the inside out. Your veterinarian can detect and diagnose many underlying conditions with the help of our in-house lab, which also guarantees quicker results. Be they healthy or ill, our patients can always benefit from the early detection capabilities we offer in White Bear Lake.

Same-Day Pet Diagnostic Capabilities

One of the most important uses for our in-house lab is helping pets with emergencies. Same-day results are essential for cases in which a patient has urgent health concerns that need to be addressed quickly.

Additionally, our microscope gives our veterinarians the opportunity to collaborate and serves as an educational tool for our clients. We love showing them some of the things that we get to see on a regular basis at our animal hospital, and helping them better understand the importance of routine testing for their pets.

Types of Pet Diagnostic Testing We Offer

Our veterinarians can run a variety of point of care tests to evaluate blood levels, such as CBC (complete blood count) and chemistries. We can also do urinalysis, which can help us detect signs of a urinary tract infection and other illnesses. Our machinery is state-of-the-art and allows us to see what’s going on inside your pet in striking detail.

We recommend yearly blood and fecal testing to assess your pet’s current condition and screen for parasites (heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and other intestinal worms), tick-borne diseases, and other problems that might be in an early phase.

Veterinarian reviewing pet diagnostic results under a microscope

Our Vets Partner with a Specialty Lab

Most of the comprehensive lab work our patients need for more extensive analysis is sent to our partnering lab. This ensures advanced interpretation and a full report detailing the lab’s findings, which we will then relay back to you as soon as possible. Most test results handled by our partnering lab take up to 24 hours to process.

If you have any questions about the tests we can do at our animal hospital in White Bear Lake, please call us today at (651) 426-2246!