Did You Know Solensia Can Help Relieve Your Cat’s Pain?

When cats suffer from chronic pain, especially as they age, it’s not always apparent. Cats are adept at masking discomfort, which means a cat may be suffering silently. Recognizing the signs of pain is critical, as effective management can significantly improve your cat’s quality of life. Signs that your cat might be in pain include decreased activity, less interest in play, changes in grooming habits, and altered behavior or vocalization.




What is Solensia?

Solensia is a revolutionary treatment approved specifically for controlling pain associated with osteoarthritis in cats. It’s the first and only FDA-approved medication of its kind, designed to target and alleviate pain directly, offering a new lease on life for cats struggling with the stiffness and discomfort of arthritis.

How Solensia Works

Solensia works by targeting a protein involved in sending pain signals. By inhibiting this protein, Solensia can reduce the pain signals transmitted to your cat’s brain, which decreases the sensation of pain in your cat. This method provides a targeted approach, which is generally well-tolerated by cats and can be a part of a long-term pain management strategy.

Benefits of Using Solensia for Pain Relief in Cats

One of the main benefits of Solensia is its efficacy in reducing pain and improving mobility in cats with arthritis. This can lead to noticeable improvements in your cat’s ability to jump, climb, and engage in play. Moreover, because Solensia is administered by injection once monthly, it avoids the often difficult task of daily pill administration.

Enhanced Quality of Life

With consistent use, Solensia can help restore a more natural activity level in your cat, allowing them to enjoy their daily activities with less discomfort. This not only enhances their physical health but also their mental and emotional well-being.

Safety and Efficacy of Solensia

Studies have shown that Solensia is both safe and effective for use in cats. The typical side effects are mild and the risk of serious side effects is low when administered under the guidance of a veterinarian. This makes Solensia a reliable option for owners looking for a safe way to manage their cat’s chronic pain.

Monitoring Your Cat’s Response to Treatment

After starting treatment with Solensia, it’s important to monitor your cat’s response to the medication. This includes observing changes in activity levels and noting any side effects. Regular check-ups with your veterinarian at Birch Lake Animal Hospital will help ensure that the treatment plan continues to be effective and safe for your pet.

How Birch Lake Animal Hospital Can Help

If you think your cat could benefit from Solensia, the first step is to schedule an appointment with us at Birch Lake Animal Hospital. Our skilled team will evaluate your cat’s health and determine whether Solensia could be an appropriate treatment option. You can call us directly at (651) 426-2246 to talk about your cat’s health and book an appointment, or book an appointment online. By choosing Solensia for your cat’s pain management, you’re taking a significant step towards improving their quality of life. Your cat doesn’t have to live with pain—help is just an appointment away.