When Should You Go To The Emergency Vet in White Bear Lake, MN?

Although any pet owner doesn’t want to think about it, there’s always a chance your pet may need to go to the emergency vet at some point during your time together. Since it can be difficult to think clearly at times like this, it’s important to brush up on everything you need to know about the emergency vet before the need arises.

In this article, we’ll explain some of the most common situations in which you might need to go to the emergency vet in White Bear Lake, MN with your pet. Read through this information and keep yourself informed so you know what to do if a true emergency situation ever occurs.

Emergency Vet in White Bear Lake, MN

If Your Pet Has a Broken Bone

Visibly broken bones in any pet will need emergency vet care. Even if you think you can potentially set the bone until your regular vet is open and available, don’t try this; you may end up causing more harm than good, and your pet may be in a lot of pain in the meantime.

Give the emergency vet as much information as you can about how your pet was injured. Let them know the nature of the broken bone and any other signs or symptoms you’ve noticed in your pet since the incident occurred, too.

If Your Pet Has a Large Wound

A gaping wound is never a good sign. If your pet has a large wound you can’t bandage up easily at home or if your pet is bleeding profusely with no signs of it stopping, she will need to go to the emergency vet.

If you take your pet to the emergency vet for an open wound, be sure to tell the vet everything you can about how the wound happened. If it came from another animal, give the vet as much information as possible about the animal that injured your pet, too.

If Your Pet is Showing Signs of Heatstroke

Heatstroke is a very serious condition that often leads to death in many animals. The most common cause of heatstroke is being left alone in a hot car for any length of time. However, pets can come down with heatstroke when they’re left outside without water or shade for too long or if they are exercised too much on a very hot day, too.

If your pet shows signs of heatstroke, even if it doesn’t look severe, take her to the emergency vet. Things can take a turn for the worse quickly when it comes to dealing with heatstroke in pets.

If Your Pet Has Had Multiple Seizures

Some pets have frequent seizures and may have epilepsy; this in itself is not a reason to rush to the emergency vet. However, if your pet has multiple seizures within the span of a few hours, this is a sign that something serious is wrong and she needs to get to a vet right away.

Pets should also go to the emergency vet if they have a seizure for the first time. Additionally, you should take your pet to the emergency vet in White Bear Lake, MN if she has a seizure that lasts longer than a couple of minutes or if she becomes completely unresponsive (and not just sluggish) after a seizure.

If Your Pet is Dehydrated

Pets who become dehydrated can become comatose or even die very quickly. Cat and dog dehydration is a serious problem for most pets and should be treated with IV fluids right away for best results. Pets who have been having uncontrollable diarrhea, vomiting, or both are likely to become severely dehydrated quickly.

If you have noticed your pet having these symptoms and haven’t seen her keep down water in a long time, she needs to get to the emergency vet. You will likely also need to take her to her regular veterinarian as soon as possible afterward to find out what’s going on.

If Your Pet is Unresponsive

If anything happens to cause your pet to collapse, pass out, or otherwise become completely unresponsive, it’s time to go to the emergency vet immediately. This is not likely to occur without other symptoms of a serious problem, so pay close attention to everything going on with your pet so you can fill the emergency vet in on the situation when you get there.

Learn how to perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver on your pet. In some situations involving unresponsive pets, these may be the right decision and could potentially save your pet’s life.

If Your Pet Has Been Bitten or Stung by Something Venomous

If your pet has an obvious bite or sting from an insect or a snake, look at it closely to determine whether or not you need to go to the emergency vet. Some bites and stings don’t warrant emergency vet trips and can wait until your regular vet is available. Others, however, may cause severe health problems and even death if not treated right away.

If you did not see what bit or stung your pet and you think it could’ve been venomous, don’t wait; get to the emergency vet in White Bear Lake, MN. Do the same if your pet is showing any signs of anaphylaxis.

If Your Pet is in Pain

Sometimes, your pet may be showing signs of significant pain, but you can’t tell why or where it’s coming from. If this happens, it could be a sign of a serious internal problem that needs emergency vet care right away.

Now that you understand when you should take your pet to the emergency vet, it’s important to find a couple of good local emergency vets in White Bear Lake and keep their information handy. This can make it easier to contact them if an emergency occurs with your pet. If you aren’t sure where to look or can’t seem to find any emergency vets in your area, speak to your vet for more information. Your vet will be happy to give you any suggestions or advice required so you can be prepared for unwanted situations like these.