Why is My Cat Sneezing So Much in White Bear Lake, MN?

Have you noticed your cat sneezing a lot lately in White Bear Lake, MN? Do you find this concerning? Do you want to know more about what might be causing your cat to sneeze like this?

Sneezing a little bit isn’t anything to be concerned about, especially during high pollen times of the year. However, it’s not normal for cats to sneeze all the time, and if you notice this behavior in your cat, you may need to look further into it. In this article, we’ll show you some of the most common reasons why your cat might be sneezing.

Mild Causes of Cat Sneezing in White Bear Lake, MN

Some causes of cat sneezing are from things in the air. They shouldn’t be reasons of concern unless the sneezing continues for a length of time but checking with your veterinarian is always best.


Many cats sneeze now and then from allergies. Some cats have hay fever or seasonal allergies, and these problems can cause sneezing that comes and goes. Cats may also be allergic to other pet dander, plant pollen, or other substances found in and around the home. They may even be allergic to the dust from their own cat litter, which is actually one of the leading causes of sneezing and other cold-like symptoms in cats. Finally, some cats are allergic to their food and can develop sneezing because of this.


Even if your cat is not allergic to a contaminant she inhales, it can still cause her to sneeze. Contaminants may come in almost any form, including chemicals you use to clean your home, dust that is stirred up from movement around the house, pollen that shakes free from plants when your cat walks by them, and more. Contaminants aren’t necessarily dangerous, unless your cat is allergic to them, but they can sometimes be toxic. For the most part, however, when a cat inhales a contaminant, she will likely sneeze a few times and then feel fine afterward. If you notice your cat sneezing but it does not continue and no other symptoms occur, she is likely okay.

Moderate Causes of Cat Sneezing in White Bear Lake, MN

There are some causes of cat sneezing that are from possible medical issues. In these cases a visit or call to your veterinarian would be a good idea.

Dental Disease

Sometimes, when a cat has a dental disease, this problem can lead to sneezing. Since some dental problems affect a cat’s nasal passages and sinuses as well, sneezing is a fairly common side effect.

Upper Respiratory Infection

Cats with upper respiratory infections are prone to sneezing often in White Bear Lake, MN. They may also have a runny nose, watery eyes, and a cough, and they usually run a fever when they have this type of ailment going on.

Urinary Tract Infection

Although it’s not very common, some cats with urinary tract infections have been known to come down with a sneeze as well. Although the two do not seem like they should be related very closely, some cats become so sick and weakened by urinary tract infections that they are prone to all sorts of other illnesses at the same time.


Some cats are extremely prone to asthma attacks and may have moderate to severe asthma. Your veterinarian in White Bear Lake, MN will need to diagnose your cat with asthma, but if she is diagnosed, she will likely need to go on medication to manage it. Cats may also be given steroids to handle acute asthma attacks.

Cat Sneezing in White Bear Lake, MNSerious Causes of Cat Sneezing in White Bear Lake, MN

There are some more serious causes of cat sneezing that can be concerning. These types of causes most definitely require a veterinarian diagnosis and treatment.


A tumor is a very serious concern that could lead to sneezing in cats. The most common types of tumors that cause sneezing are dental and nasal tumors, although some other types might cause sneezing as well. If you think your cat may have a tumor or if you can see a tumor in your cat’s nose or mouth, take her to the vet in White Bear Lake, MN right away. The tumor will need to be biopsied so the veterinarian can properly diagnose your cat, and then you can discuss steps to take from there.

Foreign Object

Although not as common in cats as it is in dogs, it is still possible for a cat to inhale a foreign object accidentally, usually while sniffing it. If this happens, the object can get lodged in your cat’s nasal passages or in her throat, which can lead to sneezing. She will likely be in visible distress if this happens and may have other symptoms such as a hacking cough, reverse sneezing, or heaving as she tries to cough up the foreign object. This condition will require a trip to the vet or emergency vet in White Bear Lake, MN right away for proper treatment.

Cat Sneezing and When to Take them to the Vet in White Bear Lake, MN

Now that you know some of the potential causes of sneezing in cats, it’s important to determine what you think could be the underlying cause in your cat specifically. If you think there is any chance her sneezing is caused by a serious health problem, don’t wait; take her to the vet right away to be tested.

If your cat sneezes for more than a few days without any signs of the problem letting up, this is also a sign she needs to see a vet. Your vet will be able to diagnose your cat easily and let you know which treatment options to consider moving forward.

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