Why is My Cat Meowing in White Bear Lake, MN so Much?

Cats are often very vocal with their humans. They have evolved over time and contact with people to be much more vocal than wild cats because they know that humans will reward them with food and love for meowing. There are even studies that indicate that cats have figured out how to meow in a way that evokes a baby’s cry, which makes us more likely by instinct to interact with them.

While cat meowing can be normal, there are also times when you might need to be worried about how much your cat is meowing. Cats that are vocalizing all the time might be in pain, scared, or have other issues going on that need to be addressed. You should keep reading to find out more about why your cat might be meowing so much.

cat meowing in white bear lake, mn

1. Your Cat is in Pain

Cats that are in pain can sometimes vocalize to try and express their discomfort. This is a common symptom in the bladder and urethral blockages in male cats. Pained cat meows might sound more harsh and loud than your pet’s regular meows, and your cat might also be pacing around and seeming to be uncomfortable as they are making noise.

Always be sure that you check the litter box to see if your cat has been going to the bathroom, and start paying attention to your pet’s food and water intake if they are meowing a lot. Cats who are in pain might not be eating or drinking enough and might be too anxious to use the litter box properly. Make sure that you take your cat to the veterinarian if you think that they are in pain so that they can be checked out.

2. Your Cat is Lonely

Cats can get lonely, just like humans do. Some cats really like your company, and if you have been behind a closed door or have been away from home for hours, your cat might be very vocal when they see you again. Cats that want love might trill and chatter as well as utter regular meows to get your attention.

Make sure that you take the time to give your cat some attention if they are meowing a lot. Sometimes this is all that they want, and they will thank you for noticing that they want your love. Petting your cat is good for your health as well, so there is no reason not to take a second to do so when they feel like they want your attention.

3. Your Cat is Scared

Cats who have become frightened might meow very loudly, and they can even sound anxious as they do so. Your cat might be hiding under the furniture as they are meowing, or they might be slinking around the house and making noise. Fearful behavior is often very recognizable, so you should not be in any doubt about the fact that your cat is scared.

Figuring out what your cat is scared of might be more difficult, however. If you have a new pet in the home, they might be worried about this other animal, or maybe they are scared of a noise that they heard outside. Sometimes bumping into your cat abruptly can scare them enough that they will wander around meowing fearfully for a while. Fearful behavior in cats should resolve after a short time, but if it does not, you might need to take your cat to the vet.

4. Your Cat is Hungry

House cats have a pretty cushy life. They get all your love and attention, and they get food whenever they want in most cases. Cats can be guilty of crying out in hunger even if there is food in their bowl, just because they can see the bottom of the bowl. Make sure that your cat has access to adequate food, but don’t feel like you need to feed them every time they complain about being hungry. Your cat might just be feeling like having a snack, but you might have them on a diet or might not want to feed them at all hours of the day.

Hungry cats can be quite persistent, and you might need to feed your cat on a set schedule to avoid being bothered by your cat all the time just because they want a snack.

5. It’s Mating Season

Cats in heat can be very noisy, and male cats can be just as loud when they talk back to a female cat they can tell is in heat. Your cat might be very vocal during mating season as they attempt to call out to mates. Spaying or neutering your cat will cut down on this behavior and eliminate it over time. If you don’t want to listen to your cat yowling during mating season, this is the only solution to this problem.

For cat owners who are also breeders, sometimes it can be more peaceful to put your cat into another room for a while just so that you can get a break from their shouting. Mating season runs its course, and then your cat will go back to being less vocal again.

Cats Can Meow for Many Reasons

Cats can be vocal for many reasons. There is a whole list of things that could be causing your cat to be loud and talkative. You might have to rule out various of these possible reasons before you figure out why your cat is meowing so much. Always be sure to take your pet to see the veterinarian if you are not sure why they are being so noisy. You can book an appointment at Birch Lake Animal Hospital by calling (651) 426-2246 or using the online form. Pain and fear can be related to serious health conditions, so you should not ignore this kind of meowing.

Caring for cats can be a little bit hard sometimes because they are good at keeping secrets from their owners. However, knowing what to look for when your cat is being overly talkative can help you to keep them happy and healthy.