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You will not need to look far to find a friendly, trustworthy boarding facility for your companion. Whether you plan to be out of town for two days or two weeks, our caring staff members will make sure that your pet is always comfortable and well cared for.

The goal of our pet boarding services is to provide our guests with a loving, attentive environment that meets not only their most basic health needs, but their emotional needs as well. Your pet can expect cuddles from our staff and careful monitoring by experienced technicians if they have ongoing medical issues.

Accommodations We Offer

Dogs and cats can enjoy their own separate spaces in separate wards for less stress and greater privacy. In addition, each guest will be provided with clean, stainless steel food and water bowls and fresh, soft bedding. Dogs will be taken outside and walked daily, and all animals will be given individual attention whenever possible.

What to Bring From Home

We ask that all owners bring their pet’s food from home, as a change in diet could result in stomach upset. This is especially important for animals that are on a specific diet for health reasons. Make sure food is measured out properly into sealed containers and includes instructions for our staff members.

Also be sure to bring any and all prescription medications that your pet is currently taking. This includes eye ointment, pills, liquids and insulin. Have medications stored in their original containers with clear instructions provided.

If you have any requests for our team, be sure to let us know in advance so we that can accommodate you. This includes any grooming or medical services.

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Boarding Prerequisites

We require that every boarding guest be parasite-free and current on their vaccinations before staying with us. Complying with these requirements is crucial to the health of the pets that are staying with us, along with our doctors, support staff, and clients.


  • Bordetella vaccine (required)
  • Canine influenza vaccine (recommended)
  • Current on flea and tick prevention
  • Negative fecal parasite screen within the last 6 months


  • Current on flea and tick prevention
  • Negative fecal parasite screen within the last 6 months

If your pet is not a regular patient at our hospital, please provide medical records and other documents showing that they are up-to-date on their exams, vaccinations and parasite prevention.

To schedule a boarding reservation, please call our hospital as early in advance as possible. Also be sure to let us know if your pet is overdue for their vaccinations and other preventive treatments.


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